Nintendo Announces Wii Price Drop, Budget Gaming Lineup

Nintendo today confirmed internet reports that they were dropping the price of their Wii console, by announcing that as of May 15th, the console would cost $149.99. It would come in black or white, and would be packed-in with Mario Kart Wii and a steering wheel matching the colour of the system. Previous pack-ins had included Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

In addition, Nintendo announced a collection of Nintendo Selects games. Similar to the PlayStation Greatest Hits line, it is older Wii games that are being sold at a discount price of $19.99. The first four Nintendo Selects titles are The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers and Wii Sports, which is available via retail for the first time and is not being packed in with the system any longer. Contrary to internet rumours, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was not announced as a Selects title.

Analysis: I don’t think this will really be a large mover of consoles. Anyone who wants a Wii already owns one, so this is basically Nintendo’s last hurrah for the system before “Project Cafe” becomes reality. The better news is Nintendo Selects, though it should be noted that if you go through retail channels, every big-name Nintendo game from years past still sells either at MSRP or close to it. Smash Bros. Brawl still sells for $49.99, Super Mario Galaxy sells for $40 used via the Gamestop website as of now, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is still running at $49.99… for the majority of Nintendo titles, they would be losing money on a proposition like this. The only games that make the most business sense in a case like this are third party games that sold disappointingly to begin with, like Okami.

Still, price drops are never bad for consumers, and this is a good chance for people to jump on the Twilight Princess bandwagon, if nothing else.

Christopher Bowen

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