Guardian Heroes Announced For XBLA

Sega announced today that they would be remaking Sega Saturn hit Guardian Heroes and bringing it to Xbox Live Arcade. The original game was developed by Treasure and released for the Sega Saturn back in 1996, and will be coming to XBLA with new additions. Among the changes are HD graphics, co-operative play in story mode, and versus mode that supports 12 player online play.

There is no mention of either a release date or a price point. Gaming Bus has asked for clarification on these items from Sega and TriplePoint, but has received no reply as of this time.

The full press release is embedded below.

EDIT: Ryan Morgan responded to my inquiries stating that there is no known price point, nor are there any current plans for a PS3 release, stating that Guardian Heroes “is an XBLA exclusive for the moment.”

Analysis: Now THIS is more like it, Sega. After Genesis collection after Genesis collection, they’ve finally figured out that people want a little bit more than Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage. Granted, not everything has turned out perfectly – the Dreamcast Collection was a waste to anyone who spent the money on it – but this is a start. Around my corner of the internet, Guardian Heroes is EXTREMELY popular, though I expect Sega to go the full $15 for the download, like they did with other remakes from that era like Virtual On. That’s still cheaper than the $60 – minimum – one can expect to pay for the Saturn version.

Guardian Heroes Press Release

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