Mass Effect 3 Delayed Until 2012

Electronic Arts has announced on their Facebook page that Mass Effect 3 has been delayed until the first quarter of 2012. The message was short and succinct. In fact, here is the entirety of the post:

Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012. The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations.” – Casey Hudson, Executive Producer Mass Effect series

Analysis: I am never against a delay if it makes the game better, and Mass Effect is one of the best game franchises around, pure and simple. Anyone complaining about this, consider what would happen if EA/Bioware had put out a half-finished game for $60 that would need massive patches. Unless the game is Duke Nukem Forever, delays are almost always good.

Christopher Bowen

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