Mass Effect 2: Genesis Comic Now Available On Xbox 360

Today Bioware and Dark Horse Comics released the Mass Effect: Genesis interactive comic on the Xbox 360 as Mass Effect 2: Genesis. It was originally released along with the PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 to provide a recap of the first game for those new to the series. It also allowed them to make key decisions that would affect the course of the second game. Since Microsoft owns the publication rights to the first game, this is as close to playing the first game as those without a 360 or gaming capable PC can get.

The comic is available here for 320 Microsoft Points.

Analysis: While I suppose it would be convenient for those who felt like changing major decisions and carrying them over to the second and third games without playing through the first game again, this seems redundant given that Xbox 360 owners already have the first game available to them. The fact that they have to shell out for the comic (however little) when PS3 owners got it and the DLC for free when they picked up Mass Effect 2 will likely leave them feeling less inclined to plunk down for the comic, especially given that Mass Effect runs relatively cheap nowadays. In addition, the comic doesn’t provide as much context for the decisions as playing through the game would due to the massive plot being condensed into 15 minutes. Thus, they don’t have nearly as much impact or significance, and the decisions that can be altered through the comic are narrower in scope, limiting its usefulness even as a save editor of sorts.


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