Sony Suffers Series Of Further Security Setbacks

Sony has suffered two breaches into obscure areas of their network that look to further damper consumer confidence in the company following their massive information breach in April. According to Gamasutra, hackers have stolen ¥100,000 (about, $1,225) worth of virtual currency from 128 customers of Japan’s So-Net. This comes a day after security company F-Secure reported of a Sony server in Thailand running a phishing site targeting an Italian credit card company. Reports are indicating that neither attack is related to the earlier attacks by web hacktivist group Anonymous.

Three days ago, we reported that Sony had dealt with a URL exploit regarding the password change functions for PlayStation Network accounts.

Analysis: Security expert Josh Saul said it best: “I think it’s now ‘I’m a hacker and I’m bored, let’s go after Sony'”. One thing to note is that the attacks are getting more and more obscure. I didn’t even write about the earlier hack because it was so out there, but with two in two days, I said “oh, hell” and went with it.

On the one side, it seems like hackers are going after smaller areas of Sony only to screw with them. On the other hand, currency was stolen this time, and directly from customers. Furthermore, the PlayStation Store isn’t even up yet, but you can bet everyone from Anonymous to random guys looking to make a name for themselves will be targeting it, and customers. You can’t say that Anonymous doesn’t go after “innocents” anymore because the people who have kept up the fight in regards to Sony are those that don’t have the scruples of the “moralfags”.

My advice? Don’t put your credit card information in the PSN for awhile. Stick to PSN cards. If Sony demands a rebill for PS+ like they have in the past, put in a fake card, or even better, tell them to screw off.

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