Capcom Reduces Nintendo Support For New Fiscal Year

In the coming fiscal year, it looks as though Nintendo will see a reduction in support from Capcom. The video game publisher revealed in its latest financial report that it has expectations of increased sales for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, with waning expectations for Nintendo. The number of Capcom releases for Nintendo platforms over the last few years have seen a steady decline, with a total of 51 releases in 2009, 20 in 2010, 16 planned in 2011 and 11 in 2012.

The report indicates that Capcom believes the Playstation 3 to be their biggest seller, as it expects the system to sell 8 million units across 16 titles. Expectations for the Xbox 360 place significantly lower, as they forecast 4.7 million units across 14 titles. For Wii, Capcom anticipates 200,000 units across 2 titles.

A total of 9 titles are to be released for Nintendo DS and 3DS systems, with sales expectations reaching 2.4 million. Sales figures for PC and PSP titles remain unchanged from Capcom’s last fiscal year.

Analysis: To the untrained eye, this could look bad for hardcore Nintendo fans – but if glanced at from a business perspective (which isn’t exactly my cup of Joe), one can make some reasonable sense of these numbers (disclaimer: math isn’t exactly my forte either – actually, I suck pretty bad, but roll with me anyway).

As the Wii and DS die a slow and horrible death, Nintendo’s next home console, codenamed “Project Cafe”, is fast approaching its reveal, while interest in the 3DS is slowly picking up steam. It’s not illogical for Capcom to simply be cutting down on systems of old in favor of making the shift to newer, more intriguing tech, respectively. Also, seeing as how Kinect and Move peripherals continue to sell 360 and PS3 units (despite the PSN outage, which as of now doesn’t seem to be seriously harming PS3 sales, but that’s debatable), in addition to both Microsoft and Sony having no new consoles on the release schedule anytime soon, I see no reason for Capcom to decrease support for either company.

It’s business as usual. As 3DS sales increase, naturally so will support from Capcom. The same can be said for “Project Cafe” – if it ends up being a hot ticket (I’m predicting it will), then the Capcom support floodgates will open. Capcom is just following the big numbers.



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