Nintendo DS Lite Drops To $99

Nintendo announced yesterday that its DS Lite handheld, originally released in 2006, will now retail for $99. This comes a week before the annual E3 expo in Los Angeles, and a week after Nintendo dropped the retail price for their Wii console down to $150.

The DS Lite is one of the most sought after iterations of Nintendo’s DS line, and has sold an estimated 89 million units worldwide. It was well received, and is the last Nintendo portable to support Game Boy Advance cartridges.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo DSi, released in 2009, still sells for $150, while the often dismissed larger model, the DSi XL, retails for $189. The 3DS, Nintendo’s latest handheld successor, carries a retail price of $250.

Analysis: Nintendo is simply cleaning house in preparation for its newest guest, “Project Cafe,” otherwise known as the successor to the Wii.

Price drops, with any device that’s been on the market for a considerable amount of time, are a natural occurrence; but one can’t ignore the timing of it all. As I stated above, Nintendo is cleaning house, trying to squeeze the last few drops of green stuff out of their consoles, if only for bragging rights.

Additionally, I think Nintendo secretly (?) wants to beat Sony as having the best selling console ever (the PlayStation 2 has amassed over 150 million), whether it with Wii or the DS, though I’m not sure if they’ll ever achieve that feat — they may come close, but in the end they’ll probably just have to settle for second place, of which in their case isn’t exactly a bad spot to be in.


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