PlayStation Store Back Online

Sony brought their PlayStation Store back online last night, and in the process, updated the store with a plethora of content. Among the content available is a digital copy of Sega Rally Online Racing, PSN exclusives Red Johnson’s Chronicles and Under Siege, two Lego games for the PSP, and various TurboGrafx 16 titles such as Bonk’s Adventure.

PlayStation Home has also been updated with new items.

Neither marketplace has seen its promised “Welcome Back” specials. Sony has stated that they are doing final testing on the deals, and will be rolling those out shortly.

Analysis: First thing to note: my experience so far is that the Store is *SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW*. Really slow. It’s taking upwards of a half a minute to make decisions. It took me quite awhile to download the Wizardry demo, specifically because it took time to register button presses. I don’t know if it’s a coding issue or if the Store is under the weight of everyone trying to access it at the same time, but considering I’m writing this at 11AM on a Thursday morning, the latter possibility is likely not in play. It makes me wonder just how much new code is in this.

However, my opinion from before persists, especially in the face of groups like LulzSec promising the “beginning of the end” for Sony: keep your God damned credit card out of there. Use PSN cards until things have calmed down and the idiot teenagers who are facilitating these hacks get bored and find another shiny object to play with.

Christopher Bowen

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