Sony "Welcome Back" Program Rolled Out

Sony has, as promised earlier, rolled out their Welcome Back program. This includes downloads of up to two PlayStation 3 games, and up to two more PlayStation Portable games as noted in an earlier post on the subject. There is also a free theme available, as well as content for PlayStation Home. Non-PlayStation Plus customers will have a free month on the service, while Sony’s Kristi Fernandez confirmed that current PS+ subscribers would get 60 free days with the service.

Analysis: I really am posting this, not because it’s news, but to warn people: the PSN is *SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW*, and will be probably throughout the weekend. It’s getting hammered, and it took a lot of effort on my part to be able to even get into the store in the first place. To redeem games, you have to redeem one of your two “welcome back” codes (the system treats the games as if they were in-game DLC, basically). If the system errors out – and right now, that’s very likely – you will have to go into account management > transaction management > services list > SCEA Promotions to redeem your game code. However, my download of inFAMOUS is looking to take almost three and a half hours, so I would recommend people try to do downloads during a less busy time.

Christopher Bowen

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