Nintendo Talks Wii U Pricing

Speaking with Japan’s Nikkei Newspaper, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata briefly elaborated on pricing for their recently announced new console, Wii U.

“I don’t think we can charge the same price as we currently do for the Wii,” he said. The Wii is currently priced under ¥20,000 (US$250) in Japan. Iwata added, “I don’t think the Wii is going anywhere anytime soon.”

In 2006, Wii launched at ¥25,000 ($313) in Japan and $250 in the U.S. The Nintendo 3DS, released earlier this year, also sold for ¥25,000.

Analysis: Though Iwata is saying Wii U won’t sell for the Wii’s “current” price tag, I have reason to believe that it almost definitely won’t be sold at its former. Today, Wii retails for $149.99 – 100 bucks less than what the 3DS goes for ($250). Nintendo will want to competitively price their new console with 360 and PS3, while distinguishing the systems price point from Wii and 3DS.

I’m guessing a $299.99 price tag.

Not only would that price place it within buying range of 360 and PS3, but it would be the cheapest ticket to next-gen, considering. Just think, this is the first console for the next generation, and for the price that you can purchase a last-gen console, you can get a Wii U. Nintendo is known for its consoles being “pocket friendly,” and I don’t think their approach to Wii U will be any different — I honestly can’t see it going for anything more than $300.

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