Wii U Leaves Behind Friend Codes

At Tuesday’s press conference, Nintendo was noticeably quiet on details regarding Wii U’s online service. But it seems that the new system will do away with friend codes in favor of an account-based system, more akin to Xbox Live and PSN.

Speaking to MTV, Ubisoft producer Adrian Blunt confirmed that players can set up individual accounts on the Wii U; when asked would it be “Equivalent to a gamertag on Xbox Live,” Blunt replied, “Yeah, exactly.”

Blunt also reveals that it will be much easier to connect with other users on Wii U, with friend codes being a thing of the past.

Analysis: YES! For a person like me, who’s a late bloomer when it comes to online gaming, this is great. Nintendo has a history of simplifying their new features (with the exception of those dreadful friend codes), and as was the case with bringing in new gamers with Wii, I assume it’ll be their intention to nab the attention of those who haven’t yet made the transition into online gaming.

I imagine users will be able to use the Wii U’s video chat feature while gaming online, making gaming with a friend a bit more personal. One thing is for sure: There’d be no shortage of insults; now you can, technically speaking, “say it in their face.”

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