Wii U Uses 25GB Discs, Lacks GameCube Compatibility

Nintendo EAD designer Katsuya Eguchi revealed that the Wii U discs will hold a capacity of 25GB, which would place it on par with the PlayStation 3’s single-layer Blu-ray discs, far exceeding Wii’s 4.7GB discs. This means that once again, Nintendo has chosen to use a proprietary format.

Speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that GameCube games will not be backwards compatible on Wii U.

No info was given on whether or not GameCube games would be made available on a Wii U Virtual Console sevice, of which has yet to be confirmed.

Analysis: 25GB. That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for Nintendo. This is further confirmation that the Wii U has some raw power under the hood, which makes me question why they would use footage of PS3/360 games in their Wii U developers reel.

Side note: I’ll be doing a separate article on that very soon.

Though we still don’t have all of Wii U’s specs, I think it’s safe to say that Wii U is pretty competitive with current-gen consoles, and probably won’t be overshadowed too bad when the next systems arrive – at least not at first.

Not having the option to play GameCube games is a bit of a bummer, though I’m not surprised. The DSi was stripped of its GBA powers, and its yet to be announced if the 3DS will get GBA games in Virtual Console – by the way, if we never see support for GBA titles on 3DS, that’s gonna totally suck. The GBA library is golden.

And speaking of golden libraries…

The GameCube has some classics; it would be a shame if it got the boot. Being that the Wii U has muscles busting out of its neck, it would seem as if it has that capability. Hopefully it’s something they announce later on down the road.

On second thought: There are no GameCube ports on Wii U. Though Wii controllers are compatible with Wii U, they weren’t capable of playing GC games on Wii. Maybe GC titles will be made playable via the new tablet-like controller? That would be cool beans.

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