Gaming Bus Live Chat, Vol. 3: Yo! Noid

Welcome to another volume of the Gaming Bus Live Chat. Last week, I played Ninja Gaiden 1. It was… enlightening, if only to show how much rust I’ve had with the game over the years.

This week, we’re doing to do something different. On the recommendation of my former colleague and our frequent commenter The Samuraiter, we are going to go over a game I haven’t played before: Yo! Noid, for the NES. For those unaware, the Noid was an advertising campaign in the late 80s for Dominoes Pizza, before their marketing campaigns became “hey, our pizza isn’t quite as bad as you think it is!”. He was a character who tried to ruin Dominoes Pizza, but was thwarted every time, basically making him the pizza equivalent to the Trix rabbit. The campaign slogan, “Avoid The Noid!”, became a minor part of 80s culture. How Capcom managed to turn that into a game – especially one that was originally a ninja game in Japan, named Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru – is beyond me, but this is a period of time in which this was what cool people looked like.

Our first two Live Chats were notable in that I had beaten each game. I beat Ninja Gaiden when I was a kid, and Suikoden V a few years back. This time, I’m going into a game completely fresh; I’ve never played Yo! Noid in my life before this, as part of my lasting “don’t play games based on the marketing campaigns of pizza chains from the 80s” rule.

Christopher Bowen

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