Portal 2 DLC Now Out, But Not For Free

Today Portal 2 DLC was released. However, it’s not the free DLC promised by Valve – rather, it’s designed specially for use with a motion controller for the PC that came out today, the Hydra motion controller. The demo video on Steam shows that you can expand and shrink objects, as well as rotate portals and project objects farther than normal. The DLC is only available by purchasing the controller – you can’t buy it on its own.

You can get it from Razer’s site here or from Steam here for $140. It’s bundled with a full copy of Portal 2 along with the 10-level DLC.

Analysis: While the way object manipulation is used looks neat, the fact that the DLC requires you to plunk down $140 for a controller first before you can access it is discouraging. There’s no mention of this DLC coming out on other platforms, but given that this is tailored for a PC motion controller I’m not too optimistic. Considering how much the Hydra resembles the Move, I don’t see why it couldn’t also at least work on the PS3 as well, since the PS3 version has Steam connectivity. However, the PS3 version of Portal 2 does not support the Move, so even if someone could make it so that the DLC itself is available, it would likely be useless without the right controller. The good thing is that it isn’t by Valve, so there’s still hope for that promised free DLC.


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