Level-5 Announces Layton Social Game

Level-5 has partnered with DeNA, a large Japanese social game company, in developing a new Layton game called Professor Layton Royale.

Players take on the role of either a detective, citizen, or criminal. Detectives and citizens work together to determine who the criminal is and stop them, while criminals obstruct them from doing so by placing obstacles within a time limit. Characters from the Professor Layton series and Mobage’s Kaito Royale series will appear. This marks the second crossover the gentlemanly professor has appeared in, the first being Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.

It will be released on DeNA’s Japanese Mobage mobile portal in the fall. No announcements about release in other regions have been made.

Analysis: While I’m somewhat trepidatious about the movement towards social gaming (Sakura Wars and Phantasy Star being among those that have also taken the plunge into the social game realm), I admit I’m actually a bit curious about this one, even if it doesn’t seem to have the brain teasers Layton is famous for. However, I’m not too optimistic about its chances of making it outside of Japan. Plus I’d much rather see the Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover come here first, along with the second trilogy of Layton games.


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