Gaming Bus Live Chat, Vol. 7: Princess Maker 2

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Chat. Last week, I actually put an amazing thing on my list of gaming accomplishments by reaching Oregon despite massive and sometimes crippling setbacks. Though I made it alone – rest in peace, Donavan, Ed, Aileen and Crystal – the fact that I even made the Dalles is amazing considering the problems I had. I heartily recommend reading the archive.

This week, things take a “controversial” turn, as I’ll be diving into Princess Maker 2. I put quotes around “controversial” because PM2 really shouldn’t be controversial. The issue stems around a few risque parts of the game and how it was presented. At times, the underage protagonist is nude (such as when swimming), and she can also be made to work at a risque bar and can even marry the devil. She can also, if something goes wrong, be raped (or at least have it implied). If you think those things are bad, I recommend not reading or watching the anime Fushigi Yuugi, which has every single one of those things except the “work in a bar or brothel” issue. What PM2 really is is a stat management game, where you, as a powerful swordsman, have to raise your daughter – essentially, God’s kid – from 10 to 18, with the ultimate goal of her becoming royalty. There are a lot – a LOT – of endings that are possible, some of them… strange, to say the least. This brings me to another controversial aspect: it’s actually possible to *marry your daughter*. Those of us who are fans of Japanese games and/or anime think of this as standard procedure (which, when you think about it, is kind of messed up), but when the American version was leaked in the 90s, this blew peoples’ minds.

The version I’ll be playing is the unreleased American beta. It was never released in the States, though this article has a good explanation as to what happened there. We haven’t seen an Americanized Princess Maker since, and considering this is a Gainax property, I doubt we will, considering the state of America’s games market. Nonetheless, PM2 is surprisingly deep for a mid-90s DOS game, even if, by all accounts, I’m terrible at it.

Drop by at 9:30PM EST, play along, and enjoy!

Christopher Bowen

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