Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled

Yesterday, Capcom announced that development on Mega Man Legends 3 has been cancelled. The company stated that the project failed to meet criteria that was described as “with input from different sectors of the company” and that neither the prototype nor the final game will be released.

Capcom has encouraged fan input for MML3, including letting fans vote on the design of the game’s heroine and Mega Man’s suit design, as well as opening The Development Room (Devroom for short) where they could exchange ideas and have some of them implemented in the final game.

The last game in the MML series came out in 2000, and MML3 was slated for release on the 3DS. The full statement and FAQ are here.

Analysis: First off, I’m highly dubious on the claim that Inafune’s leaving had nothing to do with the cancellation – I’m willing to bet it was a big reason behind the cancellation. I’d also really like to know exactly what criteria was used to determine that cancelling this project would be the best course, because no specifics were given in the official statement and FAQ. To invite that much fan involvement and get hopes up that much that this project would see release only to abruptly pull the plug on the project seems a bit cruel and a waste of everyone’s time. One thing’s for sure: between this and the whole Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D save file debacle, Capcom’s PR is taking quite the beating.


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