Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle Unveiled

Today at Microsoft’s Comic-Con Panel, Microsoft and LucasArts presented a new Star Wars themed Xbox 360 – the console styled after R2-D2 and the controller after C-3PO. The bundle is set to include a stylized console and controller (the former of which has custom sounds installed), Kinect, the Kinect Star Wars and Kinect Adventures games, a 320 GB HDD, a wired headset, and some exclusive DLC.

The panel showed off the (previously seen) gameplay of Kinect Star Wars, which allows players to use the Kinect to utilize the Force and control Lightsaber movement. However, the panel did show, for the first time, the podracing game mode. This mode allows players to race against recognizable racers and vehicles from the series.

The Star Wars bundle is set to launch at a price of $450, while Kinect Star Wars can be bought standalone for $50 upon release.

Analysis: This is a decently good bundle if you’re a Star Wars fan and you haven’t bought a 360 yet. It’s also a good deal if you were looking for a big hard drive. It’s important to note that this system’s hard drive is 320 GB, which is higher than the normal 250 GB drive that comes with the most expensive version of the 360.

You also get two games with it – Kinect Star Wars and Kinect Adventures. While Kinect Star Wars looks fun, hands-on reviews have been disappointing, and Kinect Adventures seems to be the Kinect equivalent of Wii Sports. Though it could be fun in some cases (Wii Sports makes good fun at parties), it doesn’t strike me as a game you’re going to want to race home to play.

Joshua Moore

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