Pac-Man 3DS Does Have a Reset Option After All

Earlier, Namco Bandai claimed that there was no option to wipe the save data and reset high scores in Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions. The publisher has since admitted that there is a way to reset save data without resorting to attempting to corrupt it in some manner, like pulling out the cart while it’s saving. It’s a bit of an obscure one, as it consists of holding down ‘ABXYLR’ while starting up the game. However, this is not an entirely unfamiliar method as it can also be used to reset many DS games, though some games have different key combinations listed in the manual.

For example, in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, one can bring up the option to reset save data by holding down L, right on the d-pad, and Select.

Analysis: On the one hand, good on Namco for providing a way to reset the save data, unlike Capcom. However, the fact that Namco initially stated the opposite indicates either a slip-up or less than honorable intentions. They also did not address whether used game sales played any role in their decision, whereas Capcom claimed it did not factor into the decision to eliminate the ability to erase save data. The most probable reason for coming clean with this is to avoid the backlash that Capcom faced when the issue arose in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D after the game’s release. In addition, this does not solve the lack of a score table to track other high scores, but that has less impact than the lack of save data resets.


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