Left 4 Dead 2: Connecting Fights Announced

Last Friday on August 5th, Valve announced their Connecting Fights initiative for Left 4 Dead 2. Connecting Fights is a new achievement for players to earn in an equally new version of a familiar map called Dead Air in an effort to keep the game fresh and new for the fans. The original Left 4 Dead has sold almost 3 million copies since release and the sequel has sold up to 2.9 million as of February of 2010.

The developers mentioned the addition of the Connecting Fights achievement in a blog post on L4D.com:

Today’s Left 4 Dead 2 update contains a new version of the Terminal Map For Dead Air. With this change, we are getting pretty close to being complete on this campaign. We have a few more known bugs to fix – but it is close. At this stage what we really need is more testing.

To encourage testing, we created a new achievement: Connecting Fights. You earn it by playing a complete game of Versus in Dead Air. Do that and we have another prize. When 60,000 people earn this achievement, we will unlock the beta version of Blood Harvest on Steam the next weekday.

60,000 is going to be hard. You can’t rage quit and you need to work together. Once you get the achievement, help others get it as well. As always, please post feedback and bugs for the campaign on the Steam Forums and Facebook.

Watch for twitter updates with stats on your progression to the goal.

Analysis: One would think that the addition of just one achievement wouldn’t be enough to hold the interest of players, but the sheer amount of people who’ve already earned it is staggering. The following Twitter post from the development team behind Left 4 Dead has already given us a preliminary number:

The current count is at 33,751. Don’t normally play Versus? We will have something for you later this week.

This is a remarkable achievement in itself. With only a little over thirty-six hours of play time and going beyond the half way mark, can they pull this event off? While the teaser may provide a new way to earn another achievement beyond the Versus match, it’s definitely going to draw more players to the cause like moths to a flame. They seem to have a safe bet on their hands, and really, who’s going to bet against Valve at this point?

There is one hitch in this event, however: consoles players need not apply. This is because they’re still testing this Map out, so while it’s a PC-only affair now, at least console players will know it will be in top working order when it arrives to their platform of choice sometime in the future.


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