Humble Indie Bundle 3 Brings in $2.1 Million

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 brings in a record $2.1 million in revenue. In an effort to promote the indie games market, the developers behind the latest Indie Bundle bring together titles such as Braid, Machinarium, Cogs, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and others along with charity organizations Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The group behind the bundle allowed purchasers to pay however much they wanted in lieu of setting a definitive price (e.g. $19.99).

Previously, the original Humble Indie Bundle brought in over $1.2 million and the Humble Indie Bundle 2 brought in $1.8 million. None of the available data shows how much money went to each developer.

Analysis: The world is changing for the indie developers. With so much more time in the mainstream news and distribution groups, it’s easier now more than ever to get your game the attention it deserves, be it on an independent web site or through Valve’s Steam platform. It’s always hard to thrive as an indie anything, like with the recent scoring system abuse in Xbox Live. However, the Humble Indie Bundle has given an outlet for many of these developers in addition to bringing in some donations to a few charities at the same time.

The last Humble Indie Bundle ended not too long ago, and judging from the sales numbers, we can expect to see another one sooner rather than later. Now, is this going change how the big boys look at indie developers and start making games to match their efforts or just buy them out? Hard to say at this point, but for now, it’s a good time to be an indie developer thanks in no small part to the Humble Indie Bundle.


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