Gaming Bus Live STREAM, Vol. 11: Star Tropics

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Ch— wait, what’s this? Video? In my Gaming Bus!?

It’s true! Thanks to technology, and a computer that can finally handle it, we’re finally able to stream our games. The Live Chats were fun and got rampant, but playing the games took a back seat because people couldn’t watch them. Now, that’s no longer a problem, and it seriously opens up our options as to what I can play.

Last week, we talked about Tales of Phantasia, which was not a GREAT game—it’s very spammy—but was at least not terrible enough to turn me, an avowed hater of Tales lately, into a “convert”, according to some of my Tales evangelist friends. This week, we’re going with Crystal’s recommendation/request of the NES game Star Tropics. Star Tropics is basically Zelda with Yo-Yos, and if you’re not old enough to think of why that’s relevant, let me remind you that it’s ZELDA WITH FUCKING YO-YOS WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT.

The Live Stream begins at 9:30PM EST. There will be about 30 seconds or so ad for people coming into the video. Chatting is simple and very much like Live Chats without the annoying need for us to moderate everyone before they can comment openly. So it’s just like before, except with video. There’s also an archive of my video at the main LiveStream page, Bookmark that, because sometimes, I get frisky. I’m totally down with casual Super Mario Bros. sessions. If I’m feeling randy, I’ll even break out a Fire Emblem game. Oh Tate, that blue hair always gets me, baby…

Sit back and enjoy!

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