Games Confirmed for Google+

Yesterday, it was finally confirmed on the official Google blog that games will be coming to Google+. As was reported earlier, the Google+ games page will be segregated from a user’s stream, requiring the user to explicitly click the ‘Games’ tab to view any game information at all. This in turn means that a user’s stream will not be cluttered by updates from their friend’s games.

A list of available games followed this statement:

*Angry Birds
*Bejeweled Blitz
*Bubble Island
*City of Wonder
*Collapse! Blast
*Crime City
*Diamond Dash
*Dragon Age Legends
*Dragons of Atlantis
*Edge World
*Monster World
*Wild Ones
*Zombie Lane
*Zynga Poker

Google has indicated that rollout of the games system will be gradual, with full availability coming “soon” for everyone on Google+.

Analysis: As I stated in my analysis for my previous article on this matter, Google is being extra careful not to offend those that flocked to Google+ to escape Facebook’s never-ending *Ville updates. They even went so far as to explicitly state, “If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about.”

Google+ has the opportunity to take everything Facebook has done in creating their social network and do it in a way that everyone actually wanted it done in the first place. They seem intent on using this advantage to cultivate their userbase, and social games are just the first step.

Joshua Moore

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