Nintendo 3DS Sales Rebound in Japan

Andriasang is reporting via Nikkei that the Nintendo 3DS has sold around 207,000 units for the week of August 8-14, which eclipses the number of sales (206K) that the system had in its second week post-launch.

The Nintendo 3DS had a price reduction from ¥25,000 ($250 in North America) to ¥15,000 ($170) on August 12th, so the data largely reflects a three day period.

The 3DS has struggled out of the gate with relatively poor sales numbers as it has dealt with a combination of poorly received software and increased competition from the smartphone market. Nintendo’s price cuts, which were received harshly by early adopters, caused President Satoru Iwata to cut his salary in half and write an apology to disgruntled fans. The company also initiated the Ambassador programme, which gave early adopters access to free Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance downloadable titles.

Analysis: This will be viewed as good news by Nintendo and for Nintendo fans, but all I’m seeing out of this is 207,000 people who are likely going, “OK, we got Ocarina of Time, and… uh… now what?” Nintendo has to get the software going, either by themselves or via a third party. Right now, even in Japan, they’re largely riding on Ocarina of Time (13 years old), Starfox 3D (which releases in America in September), and the promise of a new Mario game.

Personally, I’d have waited to cut the price until the holidays. Both Nintendo and Sony, by not releasing Vita in time, are really hurting themselves for the holidays; and what’s disturbing about Nintendo is that they did it in a full-blown panic move, which is completely against their norm.

Christopher Bowen

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