Mojang Partners with Skrill

MinecraftMojang recently partnered with online global payment provider Skrill in an effort to integrate all of its payment options. For those unaware, Skrill is a rebranding of Moneybookers and allows direct processing of debit and credit cards. This means when going to and purchasing the game or a gift code, one is able to directly enter their payment details on that website despite the actual processing going through Skrill.

Despite this partnership, PayPal will still be available as a payment option; all other payment options are handled through Skrill. According to Mojang Business Developer Daniel Kaplan, the decision to partner with Skrill stems from the desire Mojang has to reach other global audiences:

The global success of Minecraft even took us by surprise; we are committed to meeting the demands of the fans from across the world who want to download the game and start building. By partnering with Skrill we are able to accept payments from much further a field and take the game to new territories across the world by offering gamers numerous ways to pay for the game.

Likewise, Skrill co-CEO Martin Ott explains that Skrill is able to offer a cost effective solution for a reliable and secure multi-lingual payment system capable of handling over 40 different currencies. This service also reaches over 200 countries and territories, enabling it to handle global market access for game publishers.

Analysis: Mojang has been using Moneybookers for a while, but since the movement to rebrand the company to Skrill, it appears that better payment options have been developed. This works out great for Mojang who have recently detailed that English-speaking countries dominate the top download numbers. Undoubtedly, they wish to reach more global audiences.

I’ve recently used the payment system to buy a gift code, and it’s rather simple to use. It’s no more difficult than PayPal, and given the variety of language and currency options available, I’m sure it will allow Minecraft to break into more markets.

Joshua Moore

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