Gaming Bus Live Stream, Vol. 12: The Little Mermaid

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Stream. Last week, we debuted our new video chat with an over-three-hours long Star Tropics session. I learned two things: 1) it’s much better to do video than just chat, and 2) Star Tropics hasn’t aged well.

This week, we’re going with the winner of our Reader’s Choice that we did during the Tales of Phantasia chat: surprisingly, the NES version of The Little Mermaid. The first thing most people are going to think is licensed bullshit, but actually, this one’s got a pedigree. It was developed by Capcom, long before they started to suck. Furthermore, Capcom’s other Disney games in the NES era were anywhere from competent to classic (DuckTales), and I’ve heard accounts that this game wasn’t too bad. I’ve never played it before—after all, it’s The Little Mermaid—but it surely can’t be as bad as freaking ALF was.

Sit back, enjoy the stream, and if you have little ones or older parents around, for God’s sake put on headphones.

EDIT: The Little Mermaid chat was a failure, on Livestream’s side. However, my local copy is good, so if you want to watch, it’s up here: I’ve also put up all of our videos in the directory.

Instead of the Litle Mermaid chat, I will post the archive of the one we did Saturday, where I, on request, played the browser game Notedrop (think DDR with a keyboard and Japanese music), stage 3 of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 (these stages are LONG), and I started the hentai game Yume Miru Kusuri. Though the game is pornographic, I didn’t get to the point of seeing any pornography or nudity, so the chat is still safe for work… outside of my language, which was made worse by my extremely inebriated state.

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