Blog: 30 Day Videogame Challenge, Day One: First Video Game

We began the 30 day challenge on the Tumblr blog, though I stopped it as I decided to bring the blog in-house. I’m repeating those columns here, as well as continuing them, as well as other blog posts, here.

That, and I just want to test how the RSS looks in the side bar. Yeah, I’m using the blog as a test. Dance, my guinea pigs! DANCE!

I have to admit that I love Donkey Kong despite the fact that I suck at it. For an early era arcade title, it was surprisingly random, and I always got whacked by a stray fireball. That, and the NES version screwed up my timing on some of those stages to the point where I still screw it up while in MAME.

But between this and Maze Craze for the Atari 2600, I know where the first memories of my video gaming come in. I also remember it was usually my addiction to Donkey Kong that caused me to get dragged out of various arcades and pizza parlours. Usually kicking and screaming.

Christopher Bowen

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