Blog: 30 Day Video Game Challenge, Day Two: Favourite Character

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The Lyon archetype – the overly serious and dedicated bodyguard who potentially becomes a love interest – is easy to screw up, because it’s been used and abused so many times over the years. Yet Konami managed to add an impressive amount of depth to a character via storytelling that, in background, didn’t have that much to work with. Lyon serves as the bodyguard, the Prince’s best friend, someone the Prince ends up protecting, a sidekick, a plot driver, and even comic relief at times.

Suikoden V had no real right to be good, with the way Konami screwed up Suikoden IV and Tactics. But Suikoden V, without the series’ creator, beat the odds, and is arguably the best game in an amazing series (it’s my personal favourite, though I’d have to say Suikoden II was the overall better game).


Honourable mentions:
– Cyan, Final Fantasy VI
– Nanami, Suikoden II
– Tate/Thito, Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi
– Sun Shang Xiang, Dynasty Warriors series

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