Blog: Still Standing!

Basically, I finally got power back. I can’t emphasize this enough: Hurricane Irene kicked the shit out of us. I just got power back, and it’s Thursday. I can also confirm that Lilian and Aileen were directly affected, though Ai was at least able to get something out. Me? For all intents and purposes, mainly because of other Hurricane-related stuff, I’ve been out of my house from 7AM – 10PM. There’s just simply no time to write anything during this shit, and frankly, I didn’t have anything left to dedicate to the site outside of giving Mel and Ai orders. I’m sure those two *love* me right now.

Regardless, this week sucked, and it reflects in our output and my hit numbers. Next week, we’ll return with a vengence, or at least without sucking.

(For those of you wondering what’s up with the Elton John, screw you, Elton John’s bloody awesome)

Christopher Bowen

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