Gaming Bus Live Stream, Vol. 14: Marble Madness (NES)

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Stream. Last week was a bit wild: we started with Ultima IV before we learned that Ultima IV‘s wide-open nature, obtuse goals, and sloppy interface—being a late-80s PC game conversion and all—was not a good game to live stream to. So instead, we went with a potpourri of games, ranging from classic (Donkey Kong) to the osbcure (The Firemen, a European game by Human Entertainment) to the… uh… well, let’s just say the reactions to a (very not-safe-for-work, kids) sex scene in Yume Miru Kurusi should be archived for all history. Oh, and most of the day was a drinking game with Crystal, who became sufficiently shitfaced by the end of it. She thought her German roots could save her. She thought wrong.

Today, we begin Staff Picks My Games Month. This week, Joshua Moore picked the NES version of Marble Madness, unaware that I spent a lot of time as a child playing this very game. It’s been awhile since I’ve played the game, so I’m likely very rusty, but it will definitely be short. So if you were one of those people who called last week’s nine-game extravaganza beautiful, expect something similar this week. Maybe we’ll have a Rare night? Captain Skyhawk! Snake, Rattle and Roll! DKC! Hell, maybe I can get online play going and kick someone’s ass in Killer Instinct? Let’s remember Rare before Microsoft bought their souls!

Check in at 9:30PM as Bus not only plays, he also tries out a new form of sake!

Christopher Bowen

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Christopher Bowen is the Editor in Chief of Gaming Bus. Before opening Gaming Bus in May of 2011, he was the News Editor at Diehard GameFAN, a lead reporter for DailyGamesNews, and a reviewer at Not A True Ending, also contributing to VIMM, SNESZone and Scotsmanality. Outside of the industry, he is a network engineer in Norwalk, CT and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.