Original Crysis Finally Coming to Consoles–Sort Of

Gamasutra has reported that a remastered version of the PC game, Crysis, will be coming to consoles through digital download. Crysis was originally released in November 2007 and has earned a score of 91% on Metacritic. In March 2011, console gamers got a taste of the Crysis universe with Crysis 2.

According to Gamasutra, the consoles will be playing this game with CryEngine 3, the same engine that drove Crysis 2, and not the CryEngine 2 engine that drove the original Crysis on the PC in 2007.

Crytek’s CEO had this to say about Crysis and why he believes it is the right move to bring this long-loved PC game to consoles:

“We are extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish with Crysis. We set out to create a next-generation FPS and delivered a PC experience that became a benchmark for quality – and still is for many gamers even four years later. By bringing the single-player campaign to console, we believe we are again setting a new standard for quality in downloadable gaming.”

The game will be available for download in the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PSN some time in October 2011 at 1600 Microsoft Points and $19.99, respectively. There has been no mention if this remastered title will be released again on the PC.

Analysis: This makes a lot of sense from a one standpoint, but what I’m wondering is, what will need to be cut? Crysis was open and you had your choice on how you wanted to run, drive, or sneak your way to a given nav point. The game also had some very demanding system requirements. Will that freedom now be cut down to compensate for the low video memory in consoles? I think it will. We saw Crysis 2 using many shortcuts to adapt that engine to run efficiently on consoles, and many of those same cuts will have to be made for the remastered original. If it were possible to give you the same freedom Crysis offered, don’t you think they would have at least try it out with one or two levels in Crysis 2?

In my opinion, they screwed up Crysis 2 to fit in on consoles. They also burned PC gamers even though the CEO said they “wouldn’t forget where they came from,” but then they gave us an obviously shitty port. Now, since we know it was (almost) technologically impossible to do anything like this for Crysis 2, I don’t think consoles will be able to offer the original Crysis in all of its glory, not without cutting out a ton of free-roam features that made them great fun to begin with.

This unfortunately feels like a cash grab to make more money on a name, from console owners who have dreamed to play Crysis on their console. All I can say to those who wish to purchase this is, don’t keep your expectations high with Crytek to deliver Crysis in all its glory. The PC gaming community had their dreams crushed with Crysis 2 and gave up on it soon after release because it was so linear compared to the original, and I worry you will get burned the same way now.


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