Nintendo 3DS Conference Summary

Yesterday at 11PM EST, Nintendo held a conference in Japan regarding the 3DS. A number of announcements were made and footage was shown for a variety of new and previously announced games. Take note that all the dates in this article apply to Japan only. We’ve reached out to Nintendo of America for comment, but they have not gotten back to us at time of press.

Before the 3DS announcements, the following release dates and information were given for the following Wii titles:

*Dragon Quest Collection – 9/17
*Go Vacation – 10/20
*Itadaki Street Wii – 12/1
*Just Dance Wii – 10/13
*Kirby Wii – 10/27
*The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – 11/23 Bundled with a gold WiiMote and concert Soundtrack CD
*Mario & Sonic at London Olympics – 12/8
*PokePark 2 – end of year
*Taiko Drum Master Wii Ketteiban – 11/23

The first of the 3DS announcements included the revelation of a new Mystic Pink 3DS, aimed at attracting more female consumers. Additionally, 3 major upgrades to the 3DS software were announced: The ability to record 3D video, refinements to the e-Shop, and improvements to the Mii Plaza. It was stated that the ability to record 3D video on the 3DS had been in development since the launch of the system, and Iwata hinted that the updates would include more Spot Pass minigames.

After this point a flurry of game announcements were made. For reader convenience, the games are listed below along with a release date (if given) and any information that was stated.

*Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble – Winter 2011
*Animal Crossing – 2012 – Ability to play as village chief and help make the village bigger. Also will include new Spot Pass features.
*Bravely Default: Flying Fairy – 2012 – New JRPG; AR capabilities
*Culdcept – 2012
*Dynasty Warriors VS. – 2012 – Four-player combat competition
*Fire Emblem – Spring 2012 – Original storyline
*Girl’s Mode (Style Savvy) – 2012
*Hatsune Miku Project Mirai – March 2012 – Rhythm game featuring Nendroid-style characters. Features AR Capabilities.
*Kid Icarus Uprising – 2012
*Love Plus – 12/8
*Luigi’s Mansion 2 – 2012
*Mario & Sonic at London Olympics – 2012
*Mario Kart 7
*Mario Tennis – 2012
*Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D – Winter 2011
*Monster Hunter 3G – 12/10/11 – ¥5,800
*Monster Hunter 4
*Paper Mario – 2012
*Resident Evil Revelations – early 2012
*SD Gundam G Generation 3D – 12/22/11
*Shinrei Camera
*Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 – 11/2/11
*Super Mario 3D Land
*Tekken 3D Prime Edition – Winter 2011
*Theatrhythm Final Fantasy – Winter 2011
*Tomodachi Collection

After all the announcements, footage of certain games was shown.

Analysis: While many were expecting the announcement of a redesign, including myself, this did not happen. However, a large number of popular titles were announced along with release dates for most. This is likely enough to rekindle consumer interest in the 3DS and calm investor fears. I do feel that Nintendo is shooting themselves in the foot by not having more of these ready this winter, but it looks like the 3rd party publishers will be the ones to bring forth good content for the 3DS this holiday season.

Although not 3DS related, the Skyward Sword announcement is rather exciting, and I personally liked what I saw. I sincerely hope the OST bundle makes it to America; the gold WiiMote, I’m not so excited about.

Joshua Moore

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