PS Vita’s Japanese Release Date Revealed

PlayStation VitaAccording to VG247, Sony announced at their Tokyo Game Show conference that the PS Vita will be available in Japan on December 17, 2011. However, nothing has been said further about a release date in the U.S. and European markets. Prior to today, the only certainties were that the handheld wouldn’t be released until 2012 to bring with it a stronger title at launch for U.S. and European markets, but that Japan would get it sometime in late 2011.
Eurogamer reports that it will have a total of 26 titles come release day, six of which will be made available on PS Store. VG27 has confirmed the PS Vita will be sporting a hefty battery life with a maximum time of nine hours, while movie playback and game times would vary from 3 to 5 hours. The final prices for the Vita in Japan are 24,980 yen for the WiFi version and 29,980 yen for the 3G version.

Analysis: The PS Vita has been the center of much speculation and it’s thrilling to see that Sony is finally spilling the beans on this unit. While it’s no surprise that Japan is getting it in their market first, I wonder what’s keeping them from giving a release date for North America and Europe. There was no definitive reason for this come press time.

I may not have been interested in mobile gaming since the GBA, but I’m very interested in the Vita over any other offering out there at the moment. The features are definitely the strongest selling points for this device, though I’ll consider purchasing only the WiFi version myself. When the PS Vita is released in the U.S. market and bring with a strong quality title line up, I see this making Nintendo do a double-take about its own mobile platform.


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