Gaming Bus Live Stream, Vol. 16: Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi (GBA)

Welcome to another edition of the Gaming Bus Live Chat. Last week, everyone watched as I, despite being visibly and audibly exhausted, was able to beat Metal Storm, an “NES Hard” game that made me curse and caused VDex’s Shirogane to actually count my deaths (the final total was something in binary; I think I made it roll over). A good time was had by all, and on Saturday night, we had another Tales of Phantasia chat.

This week, we dip back into my past as I not only play another Fire Emblem game, I play my favourite one, Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi, whose subtitle translates to The Binding Blade. Rekka no Ken, known as simply Fire Emblem in America, might have gotten me into the series; but it was Fuuin no Tsurugi, without the benefit of a patch or any knowledge of Japanese at the time, that really entranced me. It’s harder than the other Game Boy Advance entries, and though it isn’t quite as well done as later games in terms of character development, it still contains my favourite character in the entire series: Tate. Before anyone bitches, it will always be Tate. Not Thite, or Thito, or Thito Jackson or whatever else you weeaboos call her (long story). I’m Superbus, and I’m always right.

We expect a larger than normal crowd as the FESS crew should be dropping by, so come on down and enjoy the stream! The fun begins at 9:30PM as usual.

Christopher Bowen

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Christopher Bowen is the Editor in Chief of Gaming Bus. Before opening Gaming Bus in May of 2011, he was the News Editor at Diehard GameFAN, a lead reporter for DailyGamesNews, and a reviewer at Not A True Ending, also contributing to VIMM, SNESZone and Scotsmanality. Outside of the industry, he is a network engineer in Norwalk, CT and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.