Angry Birds Studio to Begin Publishing Indie Games

The developers of Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile, have been working on a new project. They recently confirmed to Develop that they intend to start up a indie publishing company. There is nothing final at this time about what it will be called or any other details except that they have reached out to several indie studios to start creating the foundation for this new endeavor.

What is currently speculated if this deal does go forward is that Rivio will offer indie studios an opportunity to launch games from its own international brand. Rovio executive Peter Vesterbacka said specifically to Develop:

“We have some plans for this area, but not ready to announce yet. If we do something in the publishing area, you can expect it to be a bit different.”

Angry Birds has been sold over a third of a billion times and generated over $70 million in revenue for Rovio Mobile. Earlier this year, they were in talks to receive further funding, bringing Rivio’s value up to $1.2 billion.

Analysis: We could sit here all day and speculate as to what they will they do differently for this venture. I will say this, though: as long as they don’t gobble up companies, break them apart internally, and make crappy sequels to the established IP’s like EA has, it’s already taken a step in the right direction to me.

As reported by Gaming Bus earlier this year, the Humble Indie Bundle has done a fantastic job to bring together indie titles, give them a lot of exposure, and generate some tremendous revenue. This project is a package deal, though, not necessarily a benefit for the individual companies after the sale has completed. If this does become reality, it will be good to see these indie companies continuously receive exposure for their products and not just one-time deal spotlights.


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