Sony to Use Games to Push 3D TVs

It is no secret that 3D TVs have not sold as well as expected. The current decision making process is based on screen size, Internet, picture quality, and price, according to research firm IHS iSuppli. However, according to Variety, Sony plans to bolster their marketing campaign and use their video games division in an effort to help persuade future customers into considering 3D as a feature that they need in their next purchase.

The PS3 received a free update about a year ago that enabled 3D playback for movies and future games. Even though the technology has been around for 2 years now, Mick Hocking Sony’s chief of 3D games said to:

“The first phase was getting people to understand how to work with 3D. The next phase is about how to use 3D creatively. One trick in ‘Killzone 3’ blurs the gun outline so that gamers can focus more easily on looking through a site to take down targets. The games group has also had to educate developers on the costs to create 3D games.”

Analysis: The 3D Entertainment Summit is currently underway in Hollywood, CA and is scheduled to run until September 22. This means we’ll be hearing a lot of new and inventive ways on how to market this technology, and this is just one of them. The 3D push has obviously had its setback in other markets as well, like with the Nintendo 3DS handheld as reported earlier this week by Gaming Bus.

In my opinion, this hasn’t caught on for several reasons, most of them being medical. I’m someone who currently suffers from migraines when I watch a 3D movie at a local cinema, so why would I want to increase my discomfort by bringing 3D into my home? That on top of the cost to purchase a 3D TV or monitor is still ludicrously high. We all know I prefer PC gaming and Nvidia’s 3D vision has been around a while, but I’ve never had the chance to try it, and neither have I had a chance to try a 3D PS3 game.

Sony, if you really want to convince me or others that have similar issues to buy a 3D TV or monitor, we need to be able to properly demo a 3D game or movie in a store. The only proper demos we hear about are at trade shows where different members of the press are telling us about their experiences and don’t appear to have any medical-related issues.

The 3D revolution will not happen for us until we can be convinced it won’t negatively affect us and make us question the investment. Even though I believe this is a good move by Sony to use games to push their 3D TV market, I also hope they realize they need to disseminate more demos to bring more personal opinions to the 3D topic, not just press releases or ads.


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