Blog: PC Gaming Not Dead Still Gets The Shaft

I read an interesting article over at Techgage the other day; evidently NVIDIA had a press call and it discussed some interesting information about the PC. Well, this information impressed Techgage’s Editor-in-Chief enough to write something about it to share the information, in ‘NVIDIA Talks PC Gaming Trends’. I won’t lie; I am a PC gamer, which is evident on my description. If you look at my Ratpr profile, you can see that my library is stuffed with PC games.

The PC has been shifting focus over the past 5 years with how games reach their customers, from a physical copy to digital download. In the article you can see that the trend for digital distribution has done nothing but climb, but what is also interesting is that DFC Intelligence projects that the PC will overtake consoles by 2014 in total game sales. This helps show that PC gaming had a hiccup, but things have been changing for the better. The article also points out that that the graphics performance on the PC is now 10x more powerful than consoles; even Battlefield 3 has showcased the PC as the platform of choice.

So if the PC is beloved by this developer, then why the world is the PC getting the shaft when it comes to its DLC? It was announced earlier this week that all Battlefield 3 DLC will hit the PS3 first.

I don’t have a lot of problems with DLC in general; for my thoughts on it specifically read my Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review. This is just my opinion, but why, if you prefer the PC over consoles to showcase Battlefield 3, would you then gimp it with giving priority to a console? For me the reason is clear, Sony paid them to do it. With no one company to out bid them on the PC platform the developer went with what would make them the most money.

Again, this is my opinion and you could say it’s because I’m a PC lover, but consider this. What would your reaction be if Kingdom Hearts 3 came out for the PS3 and 360, the devs praised the PS3 for development and its network and etc, then said all DLC would appear on the 360 first? You, would be a little upset and most likely say “They were bought!” This is what I am saying here, they were bought and DLC isn’t about enriching the customers experience, but rather what company is willing to pony up the most cash to get first dibs on the content for their console.

This is where DLC burns customers again, when it can be used as leverage to get a little extra cash from console platforms. The PC will undoubtedly out-pace the console in user experience with community-driven MODs and exclusive content from new studios not wanting to pay the console entry fees. This is partly why I have not abandoned the PC and why I encourage others to look at the PC for what it is, a dynamic platform. I plan to buy Batman Arkham City for the PC and use my 360 controller, because I can’t buy it for the 360 and use a keyboard and mouse if I wanted.


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