Blog: RAGE Makes PC Gamers Rage

I’ve been trying to play Rage since it came out, and I have to say my first impressions were abysmal. Hell, I wanted to hold off on playing and writing about it because there were so many issues plaguing it. I didn’t want to bash a game if it was a driver issue, but Chris told me to review as is. A part of me was also saying just review it, but after that discussion, I knew I had to. If id’s going to release a game, a driver issue shouldn’t be a reason to delay it because it shouldn’t have happened, and it’s not our job to be delay a review if they can’t get their assets in line, so I’ve been marching on.

Today, I’m very glad that I listened to Chris because I found some new information that made me realize that, even if I’d waited for a driver fix, that wouldn’t have changed the majority of technical problems I was experiencing. The news I found was from HardOCP and Kotaku. They both pulled quotes from an interview up at PC Gamer with Carmack back in June. Here’s what he said:

When we started on the game six years ago on there, I looked at the consoles and said, “These are as good as the PCs that we’re on here,” and our development strategy was set up such that we basically developed live on all the platforms there. And now when we’re looking at PCs that have ten times the horsepower of the consoles, I’m making a large change in my direction, just saying, “We should be focusing on building things efficiently on the PC and deploying on the consoles.” And we didn’t make that as crisp of a distinction as we should have.

The fact that id had already decided that they wanted Rage to run at 60 frames per second already removed one of the major things PC gamers look for in a title, he added. That only left resolution, anti-aliasing, and texture streaming as things that a computer gamer might want to see look better than on a console.

This means the PC got a console port, causing many of the technical issues I’ve experienced; and they dropped the ball to get the right drivers to AMD and Nvidia for release, which has caused even more problems. I listened to this whole interview, which is about 22 minutes long, and it’s interesting how myself and others did not pick up on this back in June. To be honest, I don’t even remember seeing this before today.

This news just reaffirms the fact id Software seriously dropped the ball for PC gamers and have damaged their reputation because of it. Look for the PC review here on Gaming Bus soon.


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