Pipeworks Head Resigns over Exaggerated Military Background

Pipeworks SoftwareAccording to Gamesindusty.biz (registration required), Robert Daly, head of developer Pipeworks Sware, has resigned after professionalsoldiers.com found that he was an analyst for the military. Previously, he had misrepresented his status as a United States Army Special Forces soldier.

“I am honoured to have served with the 12th Special Forces Group as an Intelligence Analyst (96B) from 1991 until 1994,” said Daly.

“While I wore the green beret as part of my uniform, I utterly regret that I have misrepresented my role by creating the impression that I was a Green Beret. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Green Berets and my fellow servicemen, and I respectfully apologize to the Special Forces community.”

He also added, “At this point in time, for the best interests of Pipeworks Software and F9E, I am voluntarily resigning from my position of Studio Head of Pipeworks effective immediately. Furthermore, I have no plans on appearing in any more episodes of Deadliest Warrior.”

Pipeworks Software developed a title based on the show Deadliest Warrior, where fighters from various historical periods are pitted against each other to see which one would win a battle. Daly’s military background was used to lend weight to the game’s military authenticity when applicable.

Analysis: What an idiot. I get that people exaggerate on their records all the time, and sometimes this exaggeration is what gets you jobs (or laid, what have you). But to appear on a national television show as an expert for something you clearly didn’t do is… stupid. Someone’s going to find out, and in this case it was professionalsoldiers.com, a Green Beret site. I’m sure at least one person on there remembers serving with Daly.

I have to wonder if this is as big of a deal as everyone’s making it out to be. He still served, didn’t he? It’s not like he was scamming for extra benefits. And as long as what he said on the show was accurate, I don’t know that I can really complain. Green Beret or not, he still served with them. I have to admit I haven’t seen that many episodes of the show, so I’m not sure what kinds of claims he made, but if he was spot on in regards to how the Green Berets or whatever group he was talking about work, then… I mean… he did his job.

That said, I understand that being a Green Beret is a special honor within the military, and I understand why people would be really, really upset that he lied about this. The military is a soft spot for a lot of people, and for some people to lie about their service—even if it’s just an exaggeration—is going to feel like a slap in the face for the people who actually did serve as Green Berets. And for that, what he did was definitely wrong. I mean, he should’ve known better.

It just makes me wonder why he bothered to lie in the first place.


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