Blog: Westboro Baptist Church Uses iPhone to Advertise Steve Jobs's Funeral Picket

On October 5, Margie Phelps, daughter of the Westboro Baptist’s Church’s batshit crazy founder Fred Phelps, tweeted their plans to picket Jobs’s funeral from her iPhone. She wrote that Steve Jobs is in Hell for serving himself and not God, giving no glory to God, and teaching people to sin. I don’t quite remember where in the Bible it says cell phones and computers are a sin, or that making money is a sin, but it is really funny that she used one of Apple’s flagship products to advertise a picket for his funeral. Shirley Phelps, another family/church member, tweeted in response to questions about the use of iPhones to tweet about the funeral, “God used Steve Jobs to create amazing STUFF for WBC to preach like a mug! Jobs vainly imagined HE did it!”

At this point, I think they’re just trolling us.

Granted, Jobs was nowhere near perfect: the guy had some shoddy business practices, to put it lightly. Among charges against him are being extremely narcissistic, rude, hostile, and generally authoritarian; basically building the entire company on sweatshop work; removing philanthropic efforts from Apple; extreme censorship; killing smaller companies; and locking in consumers. The guy was, according to many people, an asshole, and had been an asshole throughout his life.

We could have a fascinating debate about whether Jobs was special or if all CEOs are like that, and whether any of these accusations are true or even morally bankrupt. But that would be missing the whole point of this display of stupidity: who in their right mind benefits from someone’s invention and then uses it to bash the inventor? Who uses a product made from a sinner who is apparently in Hell so you can preach the glory of God? Apparently, you can get around this logic if you say that God only did good things through Steve Jobs. All those bad things? No, that’s Jobs’s fault.

I’m sorry, what?

I mean, Christ. Talk about convolution and irony. Do they not realize that they supported Jobs by buying Apple products? Unless they stole them—which is against the Eighth Commandment, by the by—they gave money right over to Jobs, who used it for all his sinner ways, I imagine. If they truly wanted to teach him a lesson, they shouldn’t have purchased his products to begin with.

“We’re not against technology; we’re against using it to promote what God hates,” they say.

Can you fail any harder?


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