Zynga Changes Their Game

According to Develop, a radical shift in strategy has taken place at Zynga. In a press conference from the company, we heard from many executives, such as CEO Mark Pincus, who said that Zynga is currently focusing on no less than 10 new projects. The most notable mentions were Castleville, Hidden Chronicles, and Mafia Wars 2. The Director of Moblie David Ko also took the stage, explaining some Zynga titles are going to be ported to the mobile Facebook platform with HTML5. Zynga also mentioned the new Google+ game Dream Zoo.

The General Manager of the Zynga Poker franchise, Lo Toney, continued the press conference by announcing a new Casino portal that would incorporate its own games such as Zynga Bingo. Lastly, the new COO John Schappert talked about the new Project Z. In short, Project Z is a new project to run their games off site from Facebook. The catch here is that users will be forced to use their Facebook credentials to sign in to play their games.

Earlier this year, it was speculated that there was a some bad blood between Zynga and Facebook, but Zynga insisted on the opposite. With Project Z currently planned to only support Facebook logins, it looks like the partnership is indeed strong between the two companies.

Analysis: Last month, Gaming Bus reported on how Zynga’s profits had dropped by 95%. In that analysis, we stressed Zynga would need to expand to become more stable. Today we see that prediction from Chris and myself come to pass. This is not an I told you so; we both saw something wrong with this company from a practical perspective, and I for one am glad to see they’re evolving to face these challenges instead of screwing over the consumer.

Zynga is trying to make the best of what they have. What they have isn’t much right now, but they’re moving more titles to the iOS and HTML5, which is a good start. The real test is yet to come to this company, and keeping this exclusive partnership with Facebook could be more of a hindrance if they don’t change their core strategy. The fact they are making a Google+ game is great, but they need more then just clones to succeed, especially in the mobile market.

This is where Zynga will either fly or fall back to Earth like Icarus. As it stands right now, I don’t think they will fly, but I give them credit for trying. Keep in mind there isn’t enough info on their games to give an accurate prediction either way and I’m just making an educated guess. Only the popularity or failure of these games will decide their fate, and that will be interesting to watch.


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