Gameloft to Open Mobile Network

GameloftGamasutra recently had and interview with Gameloft’s publishing SVP, Gonzague de Vallois, who expressed the company’s desire to launch its own mobile network. This will put the company into direct competition against the mobile networks of Gree and DeNA. Specifically, Gonzague said the following:

“Yes, that’s also something that we are working on, and investigating to see if it makes sense to. We always value the consumer experience, so if it makes sense to add this component to our games, then we will do it — and that’s something we are studying now.”

Gonzague went on to say they were exploring this because Gameloft “wants to keep a direct relationship with the consumers.” DeNA brought in $1.62 billion revenue for their most recent quarter of June 30, 2011. Gree brought in $843.56 million revenue for their most recent quarter, and Gameloft brought in $163.32 million revenue for theirs.

Gameloft is popular in Japan, where they have worked with Gree and DeNA before. They have mainly worked with the latter on feature phones but not smartphones.

Analysis: As you can see by the last quarterly reports from each company, Gameloft only made a fraction of what these other companies did. Thus, I have a very hard time looking at these numbers and believing that Gameloft’s one desire is to have a direct relationship with customers. I actually think they want to have a direct relationship with their customers’ wallets by cutting out the middle man’s profit.

They’re say this so we don’t look too closely at what they’re losing, and they’re losing a lot. If you heard a major outcry from your customers saying these companies’ customer service was total shit, I could swallow this reason, but there are no such reasons here. This is a spin, plain and simple—namely, spinning the fact they want to improve their relations with their customers while having greed on the mind.

If Gameloft does jump into the market with their own solution, they can go for it. They just shouldn’t try to make themselves sound magnanimous when they aren’t.


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