Indie Royale Releases the Launch Bundle

Indie RoyaleTechgage has reported that, following the success of the Humble Indie Bundle 3, Indie Royale is releasing the Launch Bundle. This collection of indie titles contains A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, Gemini Rue, Sanctum, and Nimbus.

Unlike the Humble Indie Bundles, they release information about upcoming bundles that happen every two weeks which last for five days. Also unlike the Humble Bundles, customers don’t pick how much they want to pay; rather, the prices start off with a set amount that increases with each sale. However, if one were to pay over that amount, it will decrease the amount required for future purchases.

Just like the Humble Bundle, customers can either download it directly or they can be given a code for Steam or Desura. Separate downloads exist for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. After these deals expire, they’ll be gone for good.

The FAQ indicates that the organization is open to having more developers come on board.

Analysis: Seriously, this is fantastic news. I’m always glad to see indie developers getting some sort of positive exposure, and the initial offering is not half bad either. I’ve played three of the four games and own two, but I have never heard of Gemini Rue. I took a look at the video provided by the site and it looks interesting.

Here’s a quick impression of the two I own, Sanctum and Nimbus. Sanctum can be fun if you can get four people to play and not bail before the end of it. The score keeps the competition high, and if you got VoIP, the trash talk starts flying. I highly dislike Nimbus because the controls are dependent on the orientation of the ship and not the screen. I’m waiting for them to either offer an option for the ship to turn the direction of the screen or to give me a cockpit view. I think the former will happen before the latter.

The only one without a demo is Gemini Rue, but if you’re on the fence about any of these, try their demos on Steam. Either way you look at, this is still a fantastic deal, and if you have the desire to get any one of these games, it’s worth it to grab this bundle.


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