Gaming Bus Looking To Expand Staff

In the time since Gaming Bus launched in May, we have grown and update daily thanks to a solid staff. As a result, we’re looking to add more to our ranks so that we can expand further and continue to produce daily content. We place journalistic integrity and quality over catering to PR and pandering for hits, and we’d rather have a smaller but dedicated readership than a huge mass of people who simply click on one link and move on.

While these are voluntary positions, we do offer compensation for events (for example, a writer’s Blizzcon ticket was covered) and the occasional review copy, as well as an editorial staff that will provide you with feedback and help you bolster your writing further. We’re especially looking for people who can cover the Xbox 360 and/or someone who can review iOS games. Most of all, what we need are people who can produce daily (or semi-daily) content and who have a good grasp on English grammar and some writing ability. You’re not required to be located in a certain area, but if you’re in New York or California, that puts you in closer proximity to most press events.

To apply, send a sample article following the format of the news articles on the site to If you have other published work, include that as well. We look forward to hearing from and potentially working with you.


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