The Humble Voxatron Debut (EDITED: Two Games Added)

The Humble Bundle is back with an all new title, Voxatron from developer Lexaloffle Games. The game currently retails for $15. In traditional Humble Bundle fashion, they allow you to name your overall price for the game that will be broken up between Voxatron, the Humble Tip (for the site), and EFF/Child’s Play charities.

Voxatron is currently the only game up in this recent offering from the Humble Bundle. Here is a quick description of what the this bundle will net you:

Voxatron is a brand new, voxel-based, old-school-gone-new platform shooter. Pick up your trusty pea gun and shoot your way, Robotron-style, through more than twenty challenging areas filled with blocky baddies, destructible toys, and palliative powerups. The “BBS Levels” give you instant access to user-created content, and you can make your own voxel masterpieces with the Voxde level editor, included with every purchase. In addition, you will receive ongoing updates as the developer keeps up with planned (and unplanned!) improvements to the game’s engine and content.

Voxatron is currently available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The Humble Voxatron has currently sold over 55 thousand copies of the bundle thus far.

EDIT BY C. BOWEN ON 11/1/11 @ 4:21PM EST: Customers of the Indie Bundle received a notification that two games have been added to the Voxatron Bundle: The Binding of Issac, and Blocks That Matter. The Binding of Issac is a mash-up of different game styles set to a dark, religiously based tone that received a positive write-up from Ars Technica, while Blocks That Matter won the 2011 Dream.Build.Play Challenge Grand Prize.

Brandon has not had the time to edit his own analysis yet; if it changes, as I’m sure it will, I will note this below.

Analysis: With this being the only title, I am hard pressed to purchase this bundle this time around. It isn’t because I don’t think it’s good, it is because I am one of the few that does not like Minecraft in any way and this reminds me of it. The company has been known to offer other titles after a certain amount of time or sales, when that happens I will definitely take a second look.

Keep in mind if you do purchase the Humble Voxatron, this game is also in Alpha. If you are unfamiliar with what Alpha stands for, it traditionally means they are still in the beginning stages of building the engine and assets (like lighting effects and such) for said engine. Voxatron is going to be updated quite a bit for quite some time, but at least all of these updates are going to be free.

This model served Notch very well for Minecraft, and perhaps this will be the next game to see success this way. Either way, expect bugs and other problems to pop up, but this is the name of the game with Alpha and Beta builds.


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