Namco Bandai Profits Higher Than Expected

Gamasutra reported that Namco Bandai pulled in ¥194.2 billion ($2.5 billion) in revenue for Q2 of the current fiscal year. This is an 11.9% increase from the ¥173.6 billion ($2.2 billion) in revenue the publisher reported this same time last year. Additionally, the publisher reported a profit of ¥8.0 billion ($102.5 million), as opposed to the ¥1.9 billion ($24.3 million) loss reported last year.

The company sales figures consisted of 3.4 million home console games and 3.8 million portable games. During the previous fiscal year, these numbers were 3.9 million and 3.2 million respectively. Of the units sold this fiscal year, 1.9 million were for the PSP, 1.7 million were for the PlayStation 3, 1.1 million were for the DS, 976,000 were for the 360, 712,000 were for the 3DS, and finally 565,000 were for the Wii. Additionally, the publisher noted that mobile subscribers were down by 600,000 in comparison with the previously year.

The company noted exceptional success with Tales of Xillia, AKB1/48, Taiko Drum Master Portable DX, and One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP. These titles sold 740,000, 380,000, 220,000, and 210,000 units, respectively. This is in addition to recent news that reported Dark Souls has shipped 1.5 million units worldwide.

Analysis: It seems that several publishers are exceeding their own expectations this fiscal quarter, given that EA had experienced the same. Unlike EA, however, Namco Bandai tends to cater to a particular niche audience and actually managed to pull an overall profit, whereas EA still reported a loss.

That said, it seems Dark Souls has been met with outstanding success so far, despite it being a spiritual successor to a much less well-known title published by Atlus. That’s encouraging, and hopefully the success of this title will encourage the publisher to make small ventures in localizing more niche titles. The likelihood of that actually occurring is slim, however. Publishers tend to stick with what makes them the most money.

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