Interested in Playing Team Fortress 2 with Us?

Team Fortress 2As Chris mentioned on the 4th, we’re going to be playing Team Fortress 2 on the 18th of November at 9:30EST. We hope to get twenty-four people for a game on Brandon’s server. We’ll have some famous guests from around the industry, including RPG Fan’s Elizabeth Maas and even tentative appearance by Ben Paddon of GJIAF fame. It’s looking to be an amazing night, so if anyone’s interested, drop a line! The best way to do that is to join our Steam group. Even if Team Fortress 2 isn’t your thing, it’s a great way to connect to other gamers and get information on future LiveStreams and Game Nights. Meet new people and have some fun. So far, we have some really awesome members from the Fuck Yeah, TF2 community, but we’re also looking to expand into other gaming niches. So if you’re into any game, look us up. Right now, some of our most popular games are the Left 4 Dead series, the Portal series, Command and Conquer 3, Terraria, Dungeon Defenders, and DC Universe Online. Feel free to help us increase our variety of games played.We’ll be happy to have you!

The TF2 server address is, which you can connect to before the game. You can find our Steam group here.


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