Torchlight 2 Pushed Back to 2012

Torchlight IIRunic Games co-founder Travis Baldree announced that Torchlight II would not be released this year after all, but will instead be released next year. He stated that “getting a game of this scope up to the quality and polish level we want to achieve is going to take a little longer.” Another reason he cited for the delay is that the company wants to run a small beta prior to release. He also said there’s only a small amount of time needed to put the finishing touches on the game.

Analysis: While I was really looking forward to this game, it’s better that the release date be pushed back than for it to be released earlier but then have issues that have to be fixed via patches. This might even be a blessing since it won’t have to go up against the glut of AAA titles that have been coming out this quarter, as Baldree alluded to at the end of the update. The big concern with this delay, however, is the possibility of it going up against Diablo III; though with how long it took, say, Starcraft II to come out, chances are good Torchlight II will still come out first. I enjoyed the first game (and for me, running on systems with lower specs is a huge plus), though I wish it had multiplayer. The addition of that and of new classes and customizable characters show how much Runic Games is trying to make the sequel bigger and better than its predecessor. Whenever it does come out, I’m sure it’ll be a quality title.


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