MechWarrior Online to Utilize CryEngine 3

MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games has announced that they are going to be using German developer Crytek’s CryEngine 3 to power their upcoming multiplayer Mech simulation game, MechWarrior Online.

Carl Jones, Director of Global Business Development at Crytek, noted that more free-to-play games were using the high-performance CryEngine 3 as their development solution.

“With our own game, Warface and more than 20 of our current CryENGINE licensees also working on AAA quality, free-to-play games, CryENGINE is becoming the technology of choice for the highest quality online games.”

When the current iteration of MechWarrior was first revealed in 2009 in a preview trailer, it was running on Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 3.

Analysis: When the switch to a F2P model was announced for MechWarrior, I was worried that the graphics in the amazing trailer, which I’ve linked to above, would be better than the graphics in the final game. They would be running a smaller budget, after all!

And while the confirmation of CryEngine 3 as the engine of choice for the new version of the game does not give us any solid proof that the game will look as great as the preview trailer, it does strongly hint that it’ll be backed by a lot of horsepower. As far as I understand it, Crytek’s engine is more advanced than Unreal Engine 3, so unless Piranha Games want to make a graphical powerhouse of a title, they would never have switched development to another engine.

Mohamed Al Saadoon

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