Humble Introversion Bundle Arrives

Today, the Humble Bundle crew have released the Introversion Bundle. Going back to their original premise of having more than one game at the start, the titles currently up are Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON, and Multiwinia.
They have changed one thing about this Humble Bundle: right from the start, if you pay above the average, you will get two additional games, Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe. The regular operating systems are covered as well with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

There are two Bonus Prototypes being offered by Introversion for this bundle: Subversion City Generator and Voxel Tech Demo, both of which are Windows only. Subversion City Generator demonstrates the use of procedural generation to create a complete city environment efficiently and in great detail. Voxel Tech Demo explores destructible voxel buildings.

As with every Humble Bundle, you have the choice to choose where your money goes, to either the Developers, Humble Tip, Charity, or any combination of the three. The Charities are Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.

The last few bundles have not sold as well as The Humble Bundle 3, which brought in $2.16 million. The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle brought in $1.11 million, and the Humble Voxatron Debut brought in $0.9 million.

Analysis: I think telling everyone up front what they will get will generate more sales. I thought the Humble Voxatron Debut was too lack luster from the get-go to recommend it. After they added a few more, I changed my mind because they added so much more to the package. That is the strength of the Humble Bundle: it’s a bundle of games, not just one with the hope of more coming later.

This is definitely worth your hard-earned cash. As of right now, the minimum is only $3.67. You can’t go wrong with this Humble Introversion Bundle. I hope we will see this one go as high as the Humble Bundle 3. It’s a great package and there is much bang for your buck.


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